Master Brands is an advertising agency that leverages on its extensive experience in multimedia marketing to offer exceptionally effective marketing services. We know not limits! All we hear is the constant beat of the “innovation drum” driving us to push the boundaries as we charge and march forth into new realms. Our team consists of masterminds who are constantly yearning for knowledge and whose ability to handle a wide scope of our clients’ multimedia marketing needs, ensures the rapid yet effective production and execution of award winning concepts and ideas.

Consumer insight information on a brand always guarantees a well- researched and authored Strategy. Thereafter, we formulate a campaign that could either be an all- inclusive Digital Campaign, a brand supporting and consumer engaging Public Relations campaign or a seamlessly integrated Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) campaign. Should you need Event planning and managing as an ancillary service… Fret not; the Masterminds will take care of it.

Our Multimedia production is the icing on the cake, we know just how to breathe life into your brand!

Development Partners


We are NCA certified to undertake construction and development contracts that entail, but not limited to, schools, dispensaries, roads and housing.

To date, we have completed construction projects for counties and Governmental institutions, which is a physical indication of our aptitude. We have supplied the skill set for continued projects and advised as well as supported near future development plans in counties around the country including the KTDA Hydro power project by VS Hydro. We have partnered with VS Hydro both locally and internationally.

Our Sawmill plant in Eldoret has supplied timber to various key projects. Some of our major corporate clients include ABB, VS Hydro, KPLC and REA. Our vision is to see a developed society that has access to basic necessities and ultimately contribute to the dreams and progress of our people. We want to realize our dream in the contribution to our economic growth and eventual integration of essential amenities to the public.

Sports Marketing

Our Sports marketing experts focus on building a highly identified, passionate fan base such that fans, sponsors, media and government pay to promote and support the organization for the benefits of social exchange and personal, group and community identity within a cooperative competitive environment.

At Master Brands, we understand that the role of any organization in marketing sports entertainment begins with knowledge of the individual fan generated and maintained through customer relationship management (CRM) systems and analyzed to gain fan insights. Armed with this knowledge, we help the organization to develop plans to meet the desires of passionate fans. Our promotions are then designed to add value and generate revenue for the organization by capitalizing on fan passion.

Brands seek alignment with properties owning an active, avid fan base. The goal is to activate the sponsoring brand in the minds of fans so the affinity for the property transfers to the brand. When this happens, fans attribute positive associations with the brand, making it more distinct.

We know that sponsorships are largely sold on the basis of relationships between representatives of the property and the sponsor, but also rely heavily on qualitative, strategic, and quantitative evaluations. Our adrenalin is going for the Gold!

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